What to Wear to a Funeral

A guide on the dos and dont’s for funeral dress.

What to Wear

Trying to figure out what to wear to a funeral can be tricky.  Traditionally, black is known to be the color of mourning and is a common clothing color choice for people attending a funeral. While you don’t have to wear black, it is important to dress in a manner that shows respect. You should avoid bright colors, flashy prints, or anything that draws attention to yourself.  


Consider the Location: Is the service at the beach or in a place of worship? A beach service will likely be more casual than a place of worship.  Consider the Culture: Different cultures have different traditions when it comes to funeral attire. For example, some Asian cultures prefer to wear white. If the deceased is from a specific cultural background, it would be wise to ask a family member if there is a preferred attire.   Ask for Help: It is appropriate to ask a family member or funeral director what specific attire they recommend wearing. It shows your intention to honor the wishes of the family.  


Draw Attention to Yourself: This is a time for everyone to mourn the loss of a loved one. All of the attention should be on that and not on you (or your outfit).   Underdress: The old saying “It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed” also applies to funerals. It’d be better to be the only one wearing dress shoes than the only one wearing flip flops.   Worry: You likely have something that you can wear. Just make sure to wear darker colors and dress conservatively. You are there to honor your loved one. It’s likely no one will even be paying attention to your outfit unless it is over the top or blatantly inappropriate.  


A good rule of thumb for both men and women is to dress in dark-colored business-type attire that is suitable for the weather and location of the service. While the standards for funeral attire have relaxed over the years, it is still important to be respectful and conservative. Be sure your attire doesn’t cause a distraction from the service and you should be fine!

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