Growing Death Benefit

It pays to plan ahead of time.

Grows 1.95% Every Year

When you purchase our funeral insurance policy, you receive a growing death benefit that increases 1.95% every year for as long as you own the policy. 

If you were to pre-plan with an individual funeral home, they are legally required to place money paid in advance for a funeral in a trust or life insurance product. Most funeral homes choose life insurance because the funeral director makes a commission on the sale of the policy, in addition to the profit from the funeral.

Rather than the funeral home taking advantage of the increasing death benefit, you get to keep it when you purchase the funeral insurance directly from us. Plus, our policy can be used at ANY funeral home of your choosing- you’re not locked in at one location.

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Give you and your loved ones peace of mind. gave me comfort in knowing my loved ones will be taken care of at the time of my passing.
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